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June 01, 2009


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Oh honey. First, I am SO SORRY. Poor Nic. :( That is just awful!

Second, I would without hesitation be filling out that complaint form. And I'd see who I needed to complain to about the administration as well.

As you said, your husband works in schools, he works with teachers. You know the system! So it's not like you are clueless about their job, how challenging it can be, how they might not always be sunshine and roses. But making a child cry and then IGNORING IT is way over the line.

Fortunately our school would NOT be like that. While volunteering I heard a very unpleasant scolding that a teacher's aide gave a child and I was in the office talking to the principal that day. She also was horrified and dealt with the situation immediately. Not a shred of doubt was expressed. Frankly, even if they DID doubt your version of the story, it was very unprofessional of them to tell you as much. They should have been smart enough to tell you they were so sorry, they'd look into it, etc. Have they no clue how to pacify an angry customer? It's not rocket science...

When I was a kid the HS principal nicknamed my mom 'the big guns', because she was totally momma lion. No one messed with us. And it was a great feeling to know that mom had my back and was ready to fight for me at any moment.

There will be times when you don't click with a teacher or things just aren't great, but Nic is a little kid. This isn't high school. She needs to get some perspective and learn how to work with little ones or get herself a new job. And I'd be ready to fight to make that happen.

(Want me to come up there? I'm totally fired up now!)

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